Those who cannot eat together cannot fight together

This I got from WhatsApp; it is in Hindi so I’m translating it into English.

A fierce battle was going on between Rana Sanga and Babar. For the first time cannons were being used. During those days the armies didn’t fight after sunset. The warring parties would retire to their camps, rest for the night and then resume the battle in the morning.

During one of such evenings Babar was strolling outside his camp having a look at the surroundings. From where he stood, he could see the camps of Rana Sanga’s army. Suddenly he noticed there was smoke coming out from different camps. Within minutes, the smoke started coming out of many more camps. Babar thought that the camps of Rana Sanga’s army had caught fire.

He summoned his commander Mir Banki. “Smoke is coming out of the enemy’s side from hundreds of camps. Have they caught fire?”

Mir Banki instructed his spies to go find out what was happening.

When the spies came back they told Babar that the soldiers in Rana Sanga’s army were Hindus. They didn’t sit together to eat. They didn’t even eat the food that had been touched by another soldier. They didn’t drink the water that had been touched by another soldier. They didn’t cook their food together. Since they were separately cooking food for themselves, the smoke was coming out of different camps.

When Babar heard this, he laughed loudly and kept laughing for a long time. Then he told Mir Banki, “I am completely sure now that the enemy is going to be defeated. How can they put up a united fight when they can’t even eat or drink together?”

Babar was proven correct. Rana Sanga was defeated within 3 days and the Mughal reign started in India.

Did we learn any lesson? We didn’t, and we haven’t. Even after so many centuries, we are still divided. Our politicians, policymakers and intellectuals fill our minds with thoughts and ideas that keep us further divided but why blame them? The fault remains within.

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?

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