Meat is available in U.P.

If you come across articles and opinion pieces (especially English publications) lamenting about meat not being available in Uttar Pradesh after Yogi’s government has come to power, don’t pay much attention.

Recently there was a drive by the Yogi government to shut down illegal, non-licensed slaughterhouses, and lots of hue and cry was raised by the uninformed or biased English media. They pretended as if all slaughterhouses have been shut down.

Illegal slaughterhouses have been closed because they were very unhygienic and animals were being killed in a very unhealthy manner. A misinformation drive — since it was being done by the Yogi government — was initiated that meat has been completely banned in the state, and the condition is so dire that even lions and other carnivorous animals in the zoos are not getting meat. Some journalist even suggested that a complaint with PETA should be made.

Anyway, I started asking around. I first asked my maid whether she could get meat. She said it’s not easy because no meat seller in her area has the license. They can sell only fish because that doesn’t require a license. Those who have the license can sell it easily, but they are few. Illegally, it is being sold stealthily.

I checked All the shops in our area that sell non veg haven’t removed non veg dishes from their menus. I tried to order (just to check, I don’t eat meat) and I was able to order. I called up a few shops in our area and they were taking non veg orders. Shops inside our local mall are selling non-vegetarian food just like the way they used to.

Then I posted a question on Facebook to all my friends who live in U.P., whether they are able to get their daily dose of non veg food. None said no. They can easily get non veg food. Yes, illegal meat it not available, but otherwise, meat is available in U.P. A misinformation campaign is being carried out, don’t pay attention to it.

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?