And then you ask, what the heck is Modi doing

First, very carefully watch this video as an observer

In this video you can see journalist Rajdeep Sardesai talking about how the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung was appointed by Sonia Gandhi and how despite that, he has taken an about turn and started taking some decisions that he shouldn’t have taken. He is in conversation with the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He is looking extremely distraught as you can see in the video and Arvind Kejriwal concurs that yes, although Najeeb Jung was appointed the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi by Sonia Gandhi he doesn’t seem to be doing what he was supposed to do.

Some points you should conclude from the video:

  • Sonia Gandhi appointed Najeeb Jung as Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor.
  • Since it was Sonia Gandhi who appointed Najeeb Jung as Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor it was assumed that he would do her bidding or help her play the political games that she intended to play.
  • Somewhere Arvind Kejriwal was betting on the fact that since Sonia Gandhi had appointed Najeeb Jung as Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor he would do her bidding and this would help him (Arvind Kejriwal).
  • Rajdeep Sardesai laments the fact that Najeeb Jung was appointed by Sonia Gandhi as Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor and still somehow he’s not doing what he was supposed to do, something that could have helped Arvind Kejriwal politically (who is sitting in front of him, about to give him an interview) and the fact that the Lieutenant Governor is not doing the bidding of Sonia Gandhi, which he should have, because Sonia Gandhi had appointed him as Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor, is quite “ungraceful”.
  • Both Rajdeep Sardesai and Arvind Kejriwal find it quite normal that since Sonia Gandhi had appointed Najeeb Jung as Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor he should listen to her rather than doing his own thing and the fact that he is doing his own thing and not listening to Sonia Gandhi upsets them.

If you look at Rajdeep Sardesai’s face, he looks genuinely disappointed. It is a true expression. It is not like he is scheming or something. He looks disappointed. He really finds Najeeb Jung’s conduct ungraceful. One is almost compelled to empathize with the guy, the sort of distressing countenance he has.

You can’t see Arvind Kejriwal, but by his tone, you can clearly make out that he is in full agreement.

Do you know that

  • The Lieutenant Governor is appointed by the President and not by an extraconstitutional authority like Sonia Gandhi?
  • The Lieutenant Governor is supposed to take decision mandated by the Constitution rather than dictated by his or her political masters?

Both of these luminaries agree that it was totally fine for Sonia Gandhi to appoint Najeeb Jung as Lieutenant Governor. Now, how could Sonia Gandhi appoint a Lieutenant Governor? Does she have the constitutional authority to appoint someone as Lieutenant Governor, and that too, of the capital of the country? If she does not have this constitutional authority, how could she have done that? Who has this constitutional authority?

As mentioned above, such gubernatorial postings are decided by the President.

It is understandable that the political party in power at the Centre may recommend certain people to the President and then the President may decide accordingly., So that’s not the issue.

What should alarm you is the fact that both these guys, quite serious guys in the current scenario, are totally fine with the concept of an extraconstitutional authority like Sonia Gandhi appointing a constitutional authority.

They are not just fine with an extraconstitutional authority like Sonia Gandhi appointing a constitutional authority, they are genuinely distressed that this constitutional authority (Najeeb Jung) is not doing the bidding of an extraconstitutional authority (Sonia Gandhi).

One person is a journalist, quite an experienced and senior journalist according to claims made by him and his colleagues, and the other is a politician who is supposed to be ushering in a new era in the Indian politics. These are the guys who are supposed to have a clear grip over what is right and what is wrong, what is constitutional and what is unconstitutional, and what is moral and what is immoral.

One is a journalist and the other is the CM of the capital of India. One decides what you think and what sort of political and social opinions you have. The other decides what sort of day you’re going to have if you live in Delhi.

Both of these think it is totally fine for an extraconstitutional person to appoint a constitutional person and both of them think it is highly ungraceful of the constitutional person if he is not doing the bidding of the extraconstitutional person.

Again, as you can easily make out from the video, they are not scheming. They are having a casual conversation. They are lamenting as you would lament being shortchanged by a shopkeeper you had trusted. It is normal for them that Sonia Gandhi appoints a Lieutenant Governor without being a lawmaker and it is normal for them that the Lieutenant Governor listens to Sonia Gandhi rather than doing what he should do. What is abnormal for them is the Lieutenant Governor not doing what Sonia Gandhi wants him to do and doing what his job demands. The disturbing fact is, this disturbs them. The disturbing fact is, they don’t even think that it is bad. They think that this is how it should be done.

These are two highly educated, informed guys holding responsible positions. They like to call and promote themselves as liberal and highly evolved but they act as if they are still living in the Mogul or British period when you needed to serve your masters, your rulers rather than a democratically elected government. They cannot imagine a world without their political masters to take care of them. Of course it’s another matter that Sonia Gandhi is still considered a Raj Mata rather than a democratically appointed an un-appointed citizen of the country. Even a majority of the BJP things that way, the funny thing is.

Anyway, coming back to Rajdeep Sardesai and Arvind Kejriwal. If they think that Lieutenant Governors, bureaucrats, journalists, administrators and politicians should do the bidding of the political master who has appointed them rather than simply doing their jobs, what must the regular, unknown guy in one of the government offices must think (and remember that there are millions of such unknown guys)? If these guys have such a patriarchal attitude, you can very well imagine the rot in the echelons of power throughout the country. If these two guys in the heart of the capital think that such sort of favouritism is the done thing, you can easily imagine the mentality of an average politician or babu.

The Congress party has ruled India for over 60 years. They have planted their men and women practically everywhere. Lieutenant governors, judges, generals and commanders, bureaucrats, diplomats, emissaries, babus and whatnot, they have all been appointed, directly or indirectly, by the Congress party. They control the machinery of the government. It doesn’t matter which government comes and goes — the machinery remains the same.

This machinery has gotten used to working under the Congress methodology of not working. Don’t work as much as possible. Create as many hurdles as possible for people who want to work. A desire to do something for the country must stringently be looked down upon. Someone who works hard is stupid. Someone who doesn’t work hard and still makes lots of money is smart and intelligent. Someone who doesn’t believe in cheating people is seedha and bewakoof. Someone who knows his way around and makes lots of moolah due to that is tej and hoshiyaar. The one who breaks the law and gets away with that feels empowered and the one who follows the law and is still persecuted feels victimised and disempowered. The problem is not with the people of the country. Carefully, a system has been constructed in such a way that if you actually want to work, you are not able to work. If you want to live like a law-abiding citizen and mind your own business anybody can come and beat you up but if you get yourself attached to some sort of a power centre, even the policeman will come and wipe your shoes. You can succeed in public life only if you don’t work. Multiple generations have lived like this. They have grown comfortable in this system.

And suddenly Modi comes and wants to change everything. He wants to do everything constitutionally. He wants to get rid of corrupt and lazy officials. He wants his government to perform, not just electorally, but also administratively. He wants the youth of the country to ditch the jugaad mentality and strive for excellence. But the government machinery has been exactly established to nurture the opposite.

If supposedly educated and evolved people like Rajdeep Sardesai and Arvind Kejriwal think that it is the political masters the governors and bureaucrats must listen to and not to the current establishment, you can very well imagine what sort of system Modi must have inherited.

And then you ask, what the heck is Modi doing?

And yes, Sab mile hue hain ji.

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?

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