Frankly, it is one of those rare books that I completely read even while feeling a bit disenchanted by the way the author has covered the Indian history and its mark on the world of science and mathematics. I read the book because, at least, when it comes to the world, his coverage is quite vast, especially the philosophical ruminations in the end of the book.

I was so moved by the way he has described the Indian or the Hindu history that I even left him a message on Twitter, eliciting no response.

I had forgotten about the…

An image of African slaves being sold.

Note: I started writing this as a small note that I wanted to send to the author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind , Yuval Noah Harari

Millions of native Africans perished during the dark centuries of slavery. The African slaves were treated like animals. Orthodox Christians believed that all the black Africans were the descendants of Ham, the cursed son of Noah, and that is why, it was fine to enslave them and subject them to all sorts of cruelties.

The Native Americans (in India they are often known as the red Indians) were mercilessly slaughtered when the…

“Oye sardaar.”

“Oye joodi.”

“Oye sardaru.”

“Tere bara baj gaye kya?”

These, and many more expressions an average Sikh child or a Sikh youngster hears on daily basis when growing up in a predominantly non-Sikh neighborhood.

These expressions are normal. Most of the time they’re not even uttered out of contempt.

Sardarji jokes are famous in the Hindi heartland. It is considered perfectly healthy to crack jokes that disparage Sikhs, and it is assumed that they should take these jokes good heartedly.

Although, there can be Gujju jokes or even Bihari jokes, I have often noticed that whereas jokes about…

It is an awkward confession: Hanging on is the first disability-related book I have ever read in my life. I have read a couple of autobiographical accounts of a few persons with disability, but when it comes to issues concerning disability, my reading is zilch.

Why awkward? A little contextual background. I have cerebral palsy with more than 80% disability affecting all my limbs. Being a decently educated person, one would expect that I should have done some reading on, if not disability in general, then at least something about cerebral palsy. I haven’t.

You can say that I’m interested…

First, the context.

I have been making a living as a content writer for almost 20 years now. Till just a few years ago, 99% of my work came from English-speaking countries.

It’s only now that some businesses, and some people in India have begun to realize the importance of quality content writing for their websites and blogs.

Although they have realized, reluctantly, how important well-written content is, they still don’t believe in paying much to someone who “just writes”. Anyway, that’s a different topic.

Last week I got a call from someone. One of my old clients recommended me…

Sabotaging careers in Bollywood

Of late there has been a lot of discussion on the problem of nepotism in Bollywood, the Hindi movie industry. The topic first came to light, in recent times, when renowned actress Kangana Ranaut accused producer/director Karan Johar of extreme nepotism during one of his TV shows.

Then, during an awards show, which is basically a fan club that keeps on endorsing each other without actually meaning to encourage artistic acumen, two actors made fun of Kangana Ranaut and heaped praises on the practice of nepotism in Bollywood.

In a tragic turn of events, a very young and talented actor…

When large-scale protests and riots were happening in America in the wake of the killing of a black person called George Floyd by a white policeman, many Muslim activists and Marxist intellectuals in India tried to bring in a false narrative of Muslim victimhood into the chain of events.

They tried to piggyback on the Blacks of America to trigger another spate of violence and rioting in India, as it was happening around the end of the previous year when Muslims all over the country were protesting against CAA, a provision made by the Indian government to expedite the granting…

Image source: Global Voices

Poverty porn is rampant these days in our country, during the Covid outbreak. Suddenly everybody is worried about the migrants, the labourers, the maids and in general, the poor. As if these poor people have suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Whether you like it or not, poor people are hit the most whenever there is an extraordinary situation. In severe summer, poor people die of heat while we notch up our supplies of ice cream, iced beverages, air conditioners and swimming pools. Many even head to hill stations or Europe.

In severe winter, poor people die of cold while we…

Image source: Pixabay.

What people think of the coronavirus-related lockdown is akin to what people think of wearing seat belts while driving a four wheeler or a helmet while driving a motorbike or a scooter.

More than a safety measure, it is a nuisance for them.

Most of the people wear a seat-belt or a helmet — at least in India — is because they don’t want to give a fine.

They don’t use a seat-belt or a helmet for safety because somehow, when they are on the road, being one with the wind, a strong sense of invincibility envelops…

Image source: MyNation

A couple of days ago I was reading an American blogger who has been a Democrat but is now thinking of voting for the Republicans in the coming elections.

She says that she is completely disenchanted by the cult-like or mafia-like behavior of the Left: you simply cannot disagree.

The moment you disagree, the moment you utter even a small phrase of praise for the opposite side, the guns come out and the dogs are unleashed on you.

The problem with the Left is that as long as it gets to criticize the opposite side, the Right in India and…

Amrit Hallan

I don’t care much about being politically correct. Things are just right or wrong and yes, sometimes there are grey areas in this is why we write, don’t we?

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